Rank your local politician's personal characteristics

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Caring / Compassion / Kind
Believe in God / Christ
Knowing the difference between right & wrong
Faithful / Fidelity
Other Religious views (unspecified)
Does what he says he will / keeps their word
Religious values (e.g. Christian / biblical values)
Trustworthy / dependable / reliable
Someone who does the right thing / stands for what's right
Ethical / Has character / Has good values
Family values / Belief in the family
Past performance
Has knowledge about science and humanities
Knows about administrative details / subject area
Honesty / Integrity
Character reflects actions
All moral values
Fair / decent / impartial
10 Commandments (or other set of universal moral principles)
Respect / Respects others
Will do what's best for the country
Not another dynasty
Respects and follows the values of nation's founders