Rank The Technological Breathrough You Would Love

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Lie detectors especially for policians - bureaucrats - and business people
Cure for cancer (especially cancer with high mortality rates)
Sustainable and non-polluting source of energy
Super fast and safe pedestrian global transport
Food assemblers
Six pack abs
Muscle enhancement
Prolonged youth
Beauty enhancement
Super fast visual info access ala Matrix
Jupiter brains
Telepathic signal relays
Talk to my pets
Ultra dangerous sports made safer
Robot servants
Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Obsolescence of Corporations
Interplanetary tourism
Recreational Mothership
Explore Universe / Diaspora
Disassembly of big cities
Non-cosmetic genetic enhancements
Surround Holographic TV
World Peace
Cure for all Diseases
Universal Translator
Bicentennial Person