Rank how your government is handling these issues

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The economy
Foreign affairs
The situation in a foreign land
The problems caused by a recent natural disaster
Energy policy
Health care policy
Corruption in government
Controlling illegal immigration
Gas and home heating prices
The relation with a particular country
Domestic problems here at home
The situation in current international hotspot (e.g. Syria)
Prescription drugs for older people
Relations with other countries
The conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians
The environment
The budget deficit
Current hot topic legal issue
Social Security /Pensions
Controlling government spending
Diplomatic efforts in the United Nations
National Defense
Abortion / Other hot topic issue
Military action abroad
Efforts to prevent future terrorism inside the country
Campaign finance
Nuclear weapons policy
Plans to deal with global warming
Clean up the pillution
The response to a recent outbreak
Government support for faith-based organizations
Rights of the trodden
Relations with a big 'enemy' country
Handling the fundamentalists / Nationalists