Favorite sing-along-to-a-pop-hit movie scene?

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 Laurence Fishburne sings "O-o-h Child" (Boyz n the Hood)
 Julia Roberts sings "Kiss" (Pretty Woman)
 Winona Ryder & Janeane Garofalo sing "Tempted" (Reality Bites)
 Tom Cruise sings "Free Falling" (Jerry Maguire)
 Eddie Murphy sings "Roxanne" (48 Hrs)
 Chris Tucker & Jackie Chan sing "California Girls" (Rush Hour 2)
 Kate Hudson sings "You Are So Vain" (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days)
 Jon Cryer sings "Try A Little Tenderness" (Pretty in Pink)
 Jim Carrey sings "The Power" (Bruce Almighty)
 John Cho and Kal Penn sing "Hold On" (Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle)
 Will Smith & Martin Lawrence sing "Bad Boys" (Bad Boys)
 Tom Cruise sings "Old Time Rock & Roll" (Risky Business)
  You'll Be A Woman Soon" (Pulp Fiction)
 The Animal House cast sings "Shout" (Animal House)
 Uma Thurman sings "Girl
 The Almost Famous cast sings "Tiny Dancer" ( Almost Famous)
 Mike Myers and Dana Carvey & the gang sing "Bohemian Rhapsody" (Wayne's World)
  Some new film