Favorite portrayal of a real-life American president?

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 Anthony Hopkins (Nixon)
 Timothy Bottoms (That's My Bush!)
 Bruce Greenwood (Thirteen Days)
 Dan Hedaya (Dick)
 Jon Voight (Pearl Harbor)
 Gary Sinise (Truman)
 William Daniels (1776)
 Martin Sheen (Kennedy)
 Henry Fonda (Young Mr. Lincoln)
 Edward Herrmann (Eleanor & Franklin)
 Barry Bostwick (George Washington)
 James Whitmore (Give 'Em Hell - Harry!)
 Sam Waterston (Lincoln)
 William Devane (The Missiles of October)
 Ralph Bellamy (Sunrise at Campobello)
 Philip Baker Hall (Secret Honor)
 Nick Nolte (Jefferson in Paris)
 Alexander Knox (Wilson)
 Lionel Barrymore (The Gorgeous Hussy)
 Randy Quaid (LBJ: The Early Years)