Favorite Movie Trilogy

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 The Lord of the Rings trilogy
 The Star Wars trilogy (Episodes 4-6)
 The Godfather trilogy
 The Indiana Jones trilogy
 Sergio Leone's "Dollars" trilogy (A Fistful of Dollars - For a Few Dollars More - The Good the Bad and the Ugly)
 The Star Wars trilogy (Episodes 1-3)
 The Spider-Man trilogy
 The Die Hard trilogy
 The Evil Dead trilogy
 The Matrix trilogy
 The Trois Couleurs trilogy (Blue
 The Saw trilogy
 The Jurassic Park trilogy
 The Naked Gun trilogy
 Robert Rodriguez's "Mariachi" trilogy (El Mariachi - Desperado - Once Upon a Time in Mexico)
 The Infernal Affairs trilogy
 The Rambo trilogy
 The Spy Kids trilogy
 The original Ring trilogy