Favorite Kissing Scene In A Film?

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 Spider-Man (Upside-down kiss)
 Lady and the Tramp (Spaghetti kiss)
 The Empire Strikes Back (Leia and Han kiss)
 The Princess Bride (As-you-wish kiss)
 Lost in Translation (A farewell kiss in Tokyo)
 Casablana (Here's-looking-at-you kiss)
 Breakfast at Tiffany's (Kissing in the rain)
 From Here to Eternity (Kissing in the surf)
 Titanic (My kiss will go on and on...)
 Gone With the Wind (Atlanta burns - they kiss)
 It's a Wonderful Life (Kissing while talking on the phone)
 Ghost (Pottery kissing)
 A Mighty Wind (A kiss at the end of the rainbow)
 When Harry Met Sally (New Year's Eve kiss)
 Bridget Jones's Diary (vg kiss!)
 Sweet Home Alabama (Struck by lightning while kissing)
 In & Out (Coming-out kiss)
 A Little Romance (Kissing in a gondola)