Favorite Film Actor Who Got Their Start as a TV Regular

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 Tom Hanks (Bosom Buddies)
 George Clooney (ER)
 Ryan Gosling (Young Hercules)
 Robin Williams (Mork & Mindy)
 Bruce Willis (Moonlighting)
 Michael J. Fox (Family Ties)
 Shia LaBeouf (Even Stevens)
 Will Smith (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)
 Leonardo DiCaprio (Growing Pains)
 Johnny Depp (21 Jump Street)
 Greg Kinnear (Talk Soup)
 Seth Rogen (Freaks and Geeks)
 Steve Carell (The Daily Show)
 Steve McQueen (Wanted: Dead or Alive)
 John Travolta (Welcome back - Kotter)
 Clint Eastwood (Raw Hide)
 James Garner (Maverick)
 Jeremy Irons (Play Away)